Invest in a Project

Biodiesel Cambodia is always interested in meeting with investors, local entrepreneurs, aid organisations, or others who wish to establish Jatropha projects of any size in Cambodia.

If you wish to start your own Jatropha farm and earn an income from selling the seeds, Biodiesel Cambodia can provide step-by-step advice to ensure the plants are grown and managed in a way that will produce the best yield possible. We can also provide access to quality planting seeds.

We can provide you with technical information on land choice, nursery growth, planting establishment, tree maintenance, harvesting techniques, and fertilizer and pest management methodologies. With this knowledge you can obtain an optimal yield from your farm and avoid the problems and mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Once harvested, the seeds can be sold into the market, or can be further processed to produce biodiesel fuel and increased income. This process creates multiple products, each able to produce an additional benefit.

Biodiesel Cambodia offers guidance in obtaining the machinery needed for crushing the Jatropha oil from the seeds and the equipment required to refine the Jatropha oil into biodiesel, as well as the training needed to operate the equipment.

This equipment includes a seed expeller, which is needed to crush the seeds and extract the Jatropha oil. The oil can be used in specially modified engines or, with the use of a biodiesel refinery, it can be further refined into biodiesel for use in any diesel engine.

The seedcake (vegetable matter) that is left after extracting the oil is rich in nutrients and, for true sustainability, is best returned to the farm/plantation as organic fertiliser.

Biodiesel Cambodia also gives guidance on using biodiesel in your own engines as well as marketing biodiesel to other users.

A properly planned project will not only provide a profit for its investor, but also brings benefits to its local community, including increased employment, income generation, and lower fuel costs.

If you would like to participate in a Jatropha farming or biodiesel project, please contact