What is biodiesel?

Diesel is a fuel used in electric power generators and a large number of vehicles, such as tractors, trucks, buses and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Diesel fuel comes from fossil crude oil. It produces sulphur and carbon based gas emissions that are known to contribute to the greenhouse effect. When buying diesel, the quality is always different and contains varying levels of impurities and contaminates that contribute to the wear of your engine parts. The fuel filter in your diesel engine cleans out most of these impurities.

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils or animal fats. It produces fewer emissions, and provides better lubrication than fossil fuel diesel. It is both non-toxic and fully bio-degradable.

Biodiesel is formed through a simple chemical process using plant or used-cooking oil, alcohol, and an alkaline reactant. It can be used in most diesel engines without any modification being needed and can be used to dilute regular diesel fuel. Biodiesel has superior lubricating qualities, so is better for the engine. The first time you use biodiesel fuel, it will clean out all the impurities and residues in fuel lines and tanks which are left over from using fossil-fuel diesel.

Biodiesel is already popular and widely used in European and Western countries. Due to the high crude oil prices and reducing supply, alternate fuels are beginning to replace fossil fuels, and will become even more popular in the future.