About Us

 Biodiesel Cambodia's vision is to introduce biodiesel to Cambodia and to assist in the development of the biodiesel industry.

A critical aspect of biodiesel production is having access to a suitable feedstock. Biodiesel Cambodia believes Jatropha Curcas to be the feedstock of choice for biodiesel production and is strongly focused on growing it successfully in Cambodia.

Biodiesel Cambodia aims to develop the biofuel industry by providing linkages between local farmers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, organisations, government bodies, and investors. We recognise that all of these parties are important contributors to the growth of the industry.

We are active in providing farmers and plantation developers consultation on best-practice technical and agronomy information to grow Jatropha Curcas. We provide high-quality seeds for use in establishing farms and plantations, as well as Jatropha Grower Handbooks that give step-by-step instructions for planting Jatropha. We also provide a market, offering to buy Jatropha seed back from farmers.

We recognise that Jatropha, a non-commercialised crop, is subject to many myths and incorrect assumptions about how to grow it and achieve high yields. We are committed to providing proven best-practice methodologies to achieve maximum yields on suitable land.

In Cambodia, diesel is used in all agricultural machines, within the transport sector, the industrial sector, as well as being a major source of energy production. By introducing a cheap, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative, Biodiesel Cambodia hopes to lower the cost of energy production and increase the real income of Cambodia’s rural communities.

On a national scale, with the production of a locally grown and produced biofuel, Cambodia has the ability to reduce its current reliance on the importation of fossil-fuels from neighbouring countries and to increase the growth of its agricultural and industrial sectors.Biodiesel Cambodia's vision has been to introduce biodiesel to Cambodia and to assist in the development of the biodiesel industry